Physical Hacking Diary

Hello folks,

Today, I am going to write an article about physical hacking and talk about my own configuration. I will keep it up to date as soon as I have new things.

The main goal of this article is to have a backpack to be ready to do some real red-team pentests (don’t do illegal things with that please).

I will write a list of tools that I own here with a brief description, why I need them and for what.

In a first time, a backpack with enough pockets is important for me, I decided to buy a Mil-Tec backpack like this one:

You can buy it here:

A smartphone if you want to check the Bluetooth Low Energy devices around, I recommand nRF Connect on android to do that, or quite simply do some social engineering, take some pictures, note something and use it like external hard-drive (choose a decent smartphone).

A computer, I personnally use my 15inch laptop:

A lighter if you need to burn something like some wires:

A lockpicking kit, I use a basic set from OKPOW like this one:

You can buy it here:

But I suggest you to use a better kit like the southord or the majestic kits.

You can also use a pickgun to be faster like this one (not recommanded because pickguns leaves traces in the locks):

You can buy it here:électrique-maintenance-lutilisation/dp/B06ZZJ57K4/ref=sr_1_5

An ACR122U RFID Reader & Writer like this one:

You can buy it here:

And some chinese UID alterable cards:ôle/dp/B0794V3XB8/ref=asc_df_B0794V3XB8/

Or better a proxmark3:

A Lan Turtle:

You can buy it here:

An endoscope for your android like this one:

I recommand this one because you have a magnet arm so you can catch some keys behind a door (this is a sample).

You can buy it here:

I recommand some thin sheets of metal with a chisel to unlock some doors (be imaginative).

I use a rtl-sdr also (rtl2832u) like this one :

You can buy it here:écepteur/dp/B013Q97J8W/ref=sr_1_7

I suggest you to buy an hackRF like this one if you want a larger band:

You can buy it here:éfini-Adaptateur-Dantenne/dp/B01K1CCHR0/ref=sr_1_1_sspa

A yellow vest like this one:

You can buy it here:éfléchissant-jaune/dp/B0791KS6XN/ref=sr_1_8

If you use it you will probably not be considered like hostile (you can use some clothes like that).

A bloc note with some pens like this one:

You can buy it here:

Some wires and adapters (USB, Ethernet, Ethernet to USB etc…):

A wifi pine apple:

You can take a look here on the Hak5 website:

A rubber ducky from Hak5 or a Cactus WHID:

You can find the different informations and buy it here:

A raspberry pi with a battery extension pack:

Raspberry pi:èle-B-Carte-mère/dp/B07BDR5PDW/ref=asc_df_B07BDR5PDW/

Battery extension pack:

An usb soldering iron:

You can buy it here:

A foldable keyboard:

You can buy it here:

A screwdriver with several tips available, some clamps:

A wire cutter:

Touchscreen gloves (to protect your fingers and to be able to use your smartphone anyway):

A mesureing tape (check the third video):

I suggest you to watch different videos to learn some tips and avoid the famous “Red Team Field Manual”, this is a good book but your own experience is better:

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