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Read The Fancy Manual – RTFM/SigSegv1 Story

Hello folks,

Today something new is coming on my blog, yes you probably already saw it but my future posts will be only in english 🙂

I decided to do that to reach a broad public and increase my english skill of course, so please, don’t hesitate to correct me if you see any mistakes 😉

Well today I will talk about our french community, Read The Fancy Manual, to present what we did, why and for who exactly.

When we started, we was a small group of friends, our main goal was just to talk between us in Paris and drink some beers (we can’t really hide it).

We did some meetups, and some people joined us because they liked the idea to create a community in Paris in different places.

And Hackira from the game HackerzVoice asked us during the World Music Day 2017 “Hey guys why you don’t create your own event ?” I was a bit surprised, we thinked about that and answered “let’s do it”.

Few months later, we created the Read The Fancy Manual Association, declared it, and we started to search how to do that.

Our first partners was the 42 school, NewbieContest and Encelis (thank you again), we contacted some companies indirectly most of the time, only via our contacts and some of them (Synacktiv, AlgoSecure, NetXP, Yogosha, Wavestone) decided to help us.

To be honest, without them, our french computer security community would already be dead and and that would have been a pity because all of our members are passionate.

Actually, the first prequals will be launched the 28 of September with 5 challenges, we want to keep this prequals phase for the next editions to avoid a large public, only enthusiast people with enough skill to pass this phase.

I want to be clear on one point anyway, we are not elitist, beginners are welcome during the meetups to talk with our members, personnally, I am here to help everyone and share my ideas.

Some members of the french infosec are more interested to trash talk some people and I can’t accept that on my side, with RTFM, we want a clean community with a good mentality.

Anyway, I need to talk about the next steps for RTFM, our prequals will be open the 28 of September, everyone can try it for free and if you validate the different challenges, you will be able to register you and grab a ticket for approximatively 10€ (to be sure that you will come).

The first of december, the event will be organized in the 42 school in Paris, some french and english speakers will be present, and you will be able to participate to a CTF (jeopardy in solo but you could play in team also if you want).

I hope that you will like our event and if everyone liked it, we will organize more editions of course 🙂

I want to talk about another thing, but during our creation, we were able to meet the Defcon group Paris.

This group has been created just after our group, so we decided to talk with the organisators, we are not really partners actually but we decided to support them and they decided the same thing for us, I want to thank them because they are some great and really interesting people.

For the future, I would communicate more with different international groups to create a link between us without forget our main goal, be a cool french conference with a community behind and develop more projects, in our association, everyone is able to purpose something, we take the decisions in group via a voting system.

Finally, I want to thank all of you and I urge you to be the criminal of your own curiosity.